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Voice-over work

Voice-over credits include:

Voice for Aveda products ~ Eric Lee Productions, BD PosiFlush Industrial ~ Eric Lee Productions, Meryl Lynch Industrial ~ Midi Interactive Multimedia, Inc., Unisys Reloaded ~ The Music Center, Accenture voice-over for NTT/Verio PowerPortal ~ Jeremy Ryan Studios, Ark Media Medical Survey Voice ~ Baker Sound Studios, Inc., Accessorize Radio Commercial ~ David Witz Radio Spots, Voice Of Communication Central ~ Maverick, Ltd., Strategic Management Group Promo ~  National Recording Studios

Claire Golden Drake VO Demo

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I record in my professional home studio using an Audio-technica Condenser Microphone, connected to a Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface.


Pat Yorks,

Agency Connects, LLC   ~   ~   267-577-0590

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