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Narrator Statement

Claire was born in England and spent her formative years in Wales. She spent her youth enjoying the beautiful Welsh countryside by day as a cross-country runner and horseback rider, and performing on the local stage by night (she began acting with her local theatre company at the age of 11).  Claire is still running; literally and metaphorically.  She regularly runs marathons with her daughter and has been called the Energizer Bunny by those who know her!  
Claire is an animated and charismatic storyteller who has been captivating children for years; performing children's theatre for audiences of 3-300 kids, teaching music at preschools and creating, writing, organizing and performing children’s parties, where she takes them on a story-driven interactive adventure.  And for adult audiences, Claire played the title role of Shirley Valentine, a one woman show by Willy Russell, at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. Her theatrical background has afforded her numerous opportunities to create wildly varied characters – often many in the same show, including Iron Age Theatre Company’s productions of The Elephant Man, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Moby Dick Rehearsed.  
Claire is known for entertaining and inspiring all ages with her vocal talent. Her energy, enthusiasm and intention to make people smile lends an inviting and engaging tone for adult mystery, comedy, young children’s and middle grade fiction.  Having raised two boys who are neurodivergent and been on the staff at preschools for over 20 years, Claire also provides an informed delivery of educational non-fiction.
After receiving her BFA in Acting from the Philadelphia University of the Arts, Claire has continued to work locally in theatres and as a voice-over talent. She speaks with a standard British accent, but sometimes her everyday accent has been described as transcontinental.  With her English and Welsh roots, Claire is comfortable accessing a Welsh accent as well as the Cockney, Yorkshire, Liverpudlian and Irish dialects. 
Claire stayed in the US after college and married a Chef, with whom they have three children.  With years of experiencing the culinary world through her husband and now also through her daughter, a professional pastry chef, Claire is passionate about food and loves absorbing the descriptions as well as the flavours.  She has often been asked to read the descriptions on the menu out loud to those around her!  Listeners of all ages will enjoy the international flavour Claire lends to all her narrations.

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In production

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Snowlillies Brother

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Mister Pushkin
12 Wintery Tales

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Mister Pushkin
12 Springtime Tales

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I record in my professional home studio using an Audio-technica Condenser Microphone, connected to a Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface.

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