A Pony's Tale

An interactive children's show

When Epona, the goddess of horses, realizes that children have not heard of her or a lot of her friends, she hops on her horse, Rhiannon, and travels around the world gathering and sharing stories.  Claire Golden Drake portrays Epona, and the other characters as she tries to convince her audience to keep reading and listening to stories.  
In this interactive adventure, Epona currently relays a folktale from China.

A 30 minute one person show.


Dragons: Return of the Ice Sorceress
(Show Licensed from Talewise)

She's cold. She's bad. She's back.


A long time ago, in a faraway land, two brave kids go on a daring journey to release the dragons and save their kingdom from an evil Ice Sorceress.


Throughout the fun, interactive adventure, you'll learn all about the states of matter and physical forces through amazing Next Generation Science experiments, many of them featuring the coolest thing in science: DRY ICE!

On-line shows also available!!

A 45 minute, one person show where science experiments are conducted to help bring a story to life.   Teaching science through theatre!

A Claire Golden Drake production with special licensing agreement from Talewise


Aliens: Escape From Earth

During a midnight meteor shower, something mysterious falls from the sky.

But it's not a shooting star...

On-line shows also available!!

Be the story.


Stories make learning more effective. Our immersive performance style makes you feel like part of the story, capturing the interest of young learners and providing context for our educational content.

Do the learning.


Volunteers from the audience will get to participate in guided activities that mirror the events in the story, bringing the story to life and reinforcing the educational message in a fun, new way.


A 45 minute one person show.

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