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      Interactive story-based programs for schools, libraries, and communities.

“Dragons & The Ice Sorceress”

Dry Ice Show!

(with SCIENCE activities)

A long time ago, in a faraway land, two brave kids go on a daring journey to release the dragons and save their kingdom from an evil Ice Sorceress.


Throughout the fun, interactive adventure, you'll learn all about the states of matter and physical forces through amazing Next Generation Science experiments, many of them featuring the coolest thing in science: DRY ICE!

Animal Safari: the Big Cat Caper

(with PHYSICAL FITNESS activities)

Explore the foundations of health and physical fitness through an exciting trek through the jungle! We will get your group energized, up on their feet, and excited to make healthy choices!

the Sword in the Stone

(with CHARACTER BUILDING activities)

Through an interactive retelling of the legend of King Arthur, learn about the importance of making good choices every day and how those choices define our character.

All of our shows are available for online performances!

Pirates: Lost at Sea 

(with SCIENCE activities)

Set sail with us on a thrilling action-packed adventure about a crew of quirky pirates marooned on a desert island. Throughout the story, explore the incredible science behind clouds, physical and chemical changes, air pressure, and more!

The Mystery of the Missing Band

(with MUSIC activities)

When a local music group disappears, some friends go looking for them … and end up on a wild, music-filled chase! Learn all about the building blocks of music and how music shapes our everyday lives.

Interactive adventures surrounding the topics of MusicDanceMindfulnessScience, and more...


Talewise is awesome! (And specifically Claire!) I used to help with hosting them at my old library, and when I moved to a new one I knew I had to bring them with me. The kids had an incredible time being pirates. Just the best!

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