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Book Claire for your next voice-over project, on-line performance, class and/or party!

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Voice-over work

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Available now...

Snowlillies Brother

Available now...

Mister Pushkin
12 Wintery Tales

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Audio Sample:

Coming soon...

Mister Pushkin
12 Spring Tales

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On-line classes for kids of all ages!

Try one of Claire's classes with Scattered School!

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Custom Parties ~ Original Performances 

Claire offers parties based on your theme choice, and personality.  She also specializes in interactive original performances to entertain your child while providing educational insights to inspire further learning. All adapted to customize your needs and your childs interests.

Parties and performances can come to your home, school, library or location of your choice.  Claire can even help with the booking of your desired location, and the ordering of refreshments.


Currently touring and available for an In-person or On-line performance :

Book Claire to perform "DRAGONS" for your school assembly, library, camp, birthday, community event...

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Party Options

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Music Parties

Designed for 1-6 year olds. 

Claire leads the children in specifically chosen songs, while varying the dynamic, getting everyone moving and introducing basic percussion instruments.  Parties include a song using one of Claire's puppets and a colourful parachute!

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Themed Adventure Parties

 Designed for 3-12 year olds.  

Pick any theme and Claire will create a personalized party including, but not limited to, arts and crafts, music, games, scavenger hunts...  All activities lead the children in an adventure relating to the chosen theme. 

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Theatre Parties

Designed for 4-15 Year olds

Give Claire your theme and she will write you a short play based on your theme and your child.  Each party has an original play written especially for you!  During the party we will play and practice, while learning basic acting techniques.  The play will be performed for the families at the end of the party.   

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Performance Parties

Claire will book a performance of your choice.  

See the "Original Performances" page

Parties at the Philadelphia location 

Claire has been partenering with Allen's Lane Arts Center since 2012, where she will direct the same unique parties in their studio space.  

Click below to request a party with Claire at Allen's Lane (via their website).


On-line Party Entertainment

See above parties for age group guidelines.

Any of the above party choices have been adapted to virtually come to your home!

Claire's parties earned Allen's Lane a "Best Birthday Party Venue" mention in 2013!"

Original Performances 

These original plays, performed by Claire, are available to come to your party,  community event, school, Scout meetings, library...  

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A Pony's Tale


Dragons: Return of the Ice Sorceress
(Show Licensed from Talewise)

Claire Golden Drake, Actor 

Up next...

Currently working on various projects, including...

Coming soon on AUDIBLE:

Mister Pushkin

Written by AC Michael

Narrated by


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